What makes us so Clean

Aphra McCrea

Posted on April 03 2019

What makes us so Clean

Product Safety Is Our Number One Priority

Americans enjoy one of the safest food, beverage, beauty supplies in the world, here at Aloe Blaque we recognize that steps must be taken to make it even safer. Ensuring the safety of our products—and maintaining the confidence of consumers—is the single most important goal of our company. Product safety is the foundation of consumer trust, and our industry devotes enormous resources to ensure that our products are safe.

What We Do

Aloe Blaque works closely with our product team to ensure that consumers continue to have access to safe, quality and affordable products. We have a multi-pronged approach when it comes to product safety.

First, the Aloe Blaque has taken a leadership role in the development and promotion of comprehensive beauty product safety initiatives that would adopt prevention as the cornerstone of our nation’s product handling safety strategy, raise the product safety bar for all manufacturers.

Our association has a comprehensive set rules and regulation about product safety that each team member must abide by. No exceptions.

Finally, what does all that mean? It means that we ONLY manufacture products wearing white gloves to ensure that our hands are free of any harmful germs and/or body particles. Each container is fully sterilized twice before any product is added. Every instrument used in the manufacturing process also undergoes the same formality. Sterilization is key. Once a product reaches our customers we are 100% certain that the product has not been tainted in anyway!

Pure. Clean. and Simple... 



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