Why Aloe Blaque is a growing demand and what we do BETTER!

Aphra McCrea

Posted on May 27 2020

Why Aloe Blaque is a growing demand and what we do BETTER!

One of the first of its kind, Aloe Blaque is continuing to brand itself to a wider variety of shoppers. Initially only offering hair care products and then expanding to offering body and skin care, we have taken over the market in a way that indie brands have not seen before. 

From our brand ambassadors to our product testers we only partner we those that are passionate and dedicated to Aloe Blaque. We currently hold nine positions that mainly test our hair products to ensure that we only offer the best products on the market. This position is pivotal to our success because of the reliability and honesty provided in regards to a product. On average one product formulation takes at least six weeks before it is released to our product advisory committee. This means that even before it is released to our community, the product has went through several final approval steps. A scent for the product is not created until we have gotten the final approval from our committee. Of those nine votes, before a product is approved it has to reach 5 approvals. Very soon we look to add many more advisors to our committee. Once a product is tested and approved,  products are sent to brand ambassadors to then share with their social media audience to help our brand to gain exposure, review our products, and share what they like and how these products can be used! It's so cool. 

Our founder Aphra is also extremely hands on. Monitoring everything from social media trends to researching ingredients to making sure each customer is satisfied. If you have ever had a complaint, you know just how impressive her customer service skills are. Aphra has set the pace for our brand, continuing to evolve and grow a brand from scratch to a household name. 

Aloe Blaque is a brand that is geared to women to dispense everything that they need in their boudoir. Like women this brand is not limited to a single "thing" we are fully dimensional and ever changing. Keeping up with the demands of a hectic environment and doing so with the utmost class and sophistication with a side of ratchet when the element is right. Determined to meet and be your brand for your hair, skin and body needs, we are working hard to only offer products that you need, that work, and are good for you! We want to be where you come when you are uncertain about how to wear your hair, when you are unsure about a fragrance when on your first date, and how to help avoid skin woes!

We are super excited about the future of this brand, what products are coming soon, and how will continue to stay on top of beauty trends that are sure to fit your needs. We are here and are working for YOU! Continue to grow with us.

Much Love, Hair, Skin, and Body

Team Aloe Blaque 


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